Judging Criteria

IAPLC Judging Criteria

For the parameters in the judging criteria, a focus is placed on “Recreation of natural habitat for fish” which is deeply associated with the origin of planted aquarium.

These judging criteria do not limit the scope of layout expression of contestants. Their objective is to clearly define an essential feature of planted aquarium; recreating a comfortable environment to fish in a tank.

IAPLC 2019 Screening Process

Closing Date for Application: May 31, 2019 (JST)

[ Primary Screening ]

Conducted by IAPLC steering committee.

The top 127 works are selected.

[ Secondary Screening ]

Conducted by the international judges.

Judges in the world conduct screening in the same period and method.

*The alteration in the evaluation method takes place from IAPLC 2018 as following.
127 works are ranked by each jury and receive ranking points. The jury evaluates his/her top 10 works according to the scoring parameter.
The total points of each work are calculated as the sum of the ranking points and the top selection points.

[ Final Score ]

The Best Aquarium points are added to calculate the final total score.

The grading sheets returned from judges around the world will be tallied up.
Extra points are added as the Best Aquarium that are selected by each judge.

The World Ranking is fixed

Notice of the ranking is sent to applicants

[ World Ranking Announcement ]

released by PDF.

Secondary Screening

Judges in the world conduct screening in the same period and method. The total score of each entry is calculated by the sum of ‘1. Ranking Point’, ‘2.Top Selection Point’ and ‘3. Best Aquarium’. Firstly, each judge ranks the top 127 entries.

1. Ranking Point

2. Top Selection Point

Each judge scores his/her top 10 entries with each scoring parameter and gives Top Selection Point.

Top Selection Point (100 points)

* The selected works are scored on “Recreation of natural habitat for fish” (50 points) and 5 other components (10 points each, total of 50 points).

① Recreation of natural habitat for fish (Maximum 50 points)

・Evaluation of layout work as healthy fish habitat

・Expression of underwater environment in layout work

・General condition of fish and aquatic plants in layout work

・Evaluation of layout work if corresponding type, size, physiology and ecology of fish

② Long-term maintenance of layout work (Maximum 10 points)

・Chance of maintaining the aquascape for a long period of time

・Screening of whether or not the expression shown in the layout photo is produced temporarily only for photographing.

③ Creator’s technical skills (Maximum 10 points)

・Evaluation of comprehensive techniques in creating and maintaining layout work

④ Originality and impression of layout work (Maximum 10 points)

・Evaluation of creator’s originality and creativity

・Perfection and attractiveness of layout work

⑤ Presentation of natural atmosphere in layout work (Maximum 10 points)

・Expression of layout work concerning natural ecosystem

・Presentation of a sense of time’s passage

・Evaluation of creator’s interpretation of nature

⑥ Overall composition and planting balance (Maximum 10 points)

・Completeness of layout composition

・Evaluation of the balance of planting

3. Best Aquarium

The Best Aquarium, selected by each judge gets additional points. Each judge selects only one Best Aquarium.

Final Score

After the Secondary Screening, sum up the result and calculate total score of each entry.

After calculating each total score of top 127 entries, the World Ranking is fixed in descending order of the total point.