Contest Jury Members

IAPLC jury members are selected from several different areas of the world for fair and impartial evaluation. Furthermore, the contest jury consists of not only professional aquascapers but also those who have experience and career in the area of aquatic plants and aquarium hobby, including researchers in academia and magazine editors, in order to avoid influence of individual’s likes and tastes over the contest result. IAPLC holds the policy to make evaluations from diverse points of view.

*Mr. Mitsuo Yamasaki, who has been on the judging panel since 2001, steped down from his position, but he continues his involvement with the IAPLC as a honorary judge.


Hiroshi Yamada / JAPAN

山田 洋/日本

Mr.Yamada is the director-general of Guppy Co., Ltd. While operating aquarium shop, he has authored many books about aquatic plants and aquarium hobby. Based on his own research results and know-how, he has been conveying the fascination of planted aquarium to aquarists since the predawn of aquatic plant history in Japan. He has been engaged in fish breeding in recent years.

Layout skill and accuracy improve every year in the IAPLC. I wonder what kind of works we can meet this year.
If you act as a judge for a long time, there is a chance to see the year when the layout trend changes.
Last year, I felt a new door to the upper rank appeared. It might be you to open that door this year. I wish to see a lot of people's challenge with my whole heart.

Shogo Yamaguchi / JAPAN

山口 正吾/日本

The chief editor of AQUA LIFE that introduces attractiveness or appreciation of aquatic plants and planted aquarium. MPJ Co.,Ltd, a company he belongs to, publishes “AQUA PLANTS” annually and more aquarium magazines/books that provide useful information for aquarium hobbyists.

I felt the beginning of a new trend from last year's Grand Prize work. It is the beauty of the aquatic plant itself. I think that the aquatic plants grow beautifully with a great care of planted aquarium hobbyists. I am looking forward to the affectionate work from everyone this year again.

Sergei M. Kochetov / RUSSIA

Dr.Kochetov is a former contributing editor of Russian aquarium magazine, Аквариум. He is introducing the International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest to the world's planted aquarium hobbyists through his internet site, www.kochetov.info. As an ichthyologist, he has joined many field research of freshwater environment throughout Russia, including Lake Baikal.

Dear participants,
IAPLC is a brightest event in the world aquaristics development and no matter what is country of your origin you can take part in this important international forum and show your skills and creative potential in aquascaping. That is the reason why we call our mutual hobby as "aquaristics without borders" and therefore IAPLC is a prominent example of vital importance to the whole mankind.


黄 裕發/中華台北

Mr. Huang represents Easy Trading Co., Ltd. He has played a leading role in the Taiwanese planted aquarium industry over years, and greatly helped introducing the Nature Aquarium there. Mr. Huang supports local hobbyist groups to attract more people to the aquatic plants hobby.

IAPLC is the annual world contest. Since it started in 2001, planted aquarium hobbyists from 68 countries around the world are participating in IAPLC 2018, and it produced various layout styles in its history. IAPLC is also a scene of your activity and a place to interact with the masters of the world.

David Boruchowitz / U.S.A.

Former editor-in-chief of Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine, which is distributed in many countries around the world. He has been an aquarist for 60 years and also authored more than 20 books about ornamental fish and the aquarium hobby.

Welcome to the IAPLC, which showcases the skills of the world’s best aquatic gardeners inspired by Mr. Amano’s legacy!

Frantisek Kolin / CZECH REPUBLIC

Mr. Kolin is chief editor of Czech aquarium magazine, "Akvarium Zive". He is president of Czechoslovakia Nature Aquarium Club, and organizing special event in Prague, Skalare Championship and Aqua Festival.

I wish all participants good luck at IAPLC 2019.

Friedrich Bitter / GERMANY

CEO, Bitter Exotics – the wholesale business of freshwater organisms, mainly invertebrates, killifish and Cichlids. He is the chief editor of German aquarium magazine "AMAZONAS" from 2018, and a frequent writer of articles for international magazines of nature and biology besides his own books. Mr. Bitter also runs the Europe’s largest internet forum for freshwater organisms called “GARNELENFORUM”, which has about 30,000 memberships.

Dear participants, I wish you all good ideas and a steady hand in the implementation. It's nice to be part of this world's most important event. Enjoy the time in which you complete your own masterpiece!

Philippe Chevoleau / FRANCE

Mr. Chevoleau is chief editor of French aquarium magazine, "AQUAmag", and the garden pond magazine, "Bassins de Jardin". He has engaged in editing of aquarium magazines since 1995 and written articles mostly fish keeping and breeding. And his reports of the IAPLC raised French hobbyists’ interest to the planted aquarium.

I can’t wait to discover the new layouts for the 2019 Contest. I wish good luck and fun to all the participants.

André Longarço / BRAZIL

Mr. André Longarço is an Architect and Aquarist. He founded “Aquabase Aquapaisagismo” in 2003, the first company 100% dedicated to Nature Aquarium in Brazil. He is a retired aquascaper and world renowned for his results in aquascaping contests, devoting himself to the Nature Aquarium for more than 15 years. He is also the host of a TV show about aquarism on Brazilian television, with more than 65 million viewers. He is the chief editor of Aquamagazine, the major Brazilian aquarium magazine.

Aquascapers, let's join the IAPLC and show our passion and our feelings in the world's largest and most renown aquascaping contest. Let's connect our passion through IAPLC.