Nature Aquarium Party 2018

▼Nature Aquarium Party 2018 - Application closed

The spectacular event, "Nature Aquarium Party (NA Party)", is a perfect finale closing the International Aquatic Plants layout Contest every year. In the year 2018, the NA party will be held on Saturday, October 13!

Last year, the NA Party celebrated the winners of the IAPLC 2017 before a packed hall of around 250 guests and aquarists around the globe who logged on to watch the event. And, it offered the first demonstration of new products, a BBQ lunch party and other fun events on the second day.

The party will be organized in Niigata, Japan again this year. Anyone who are interested in planted aquarium and aquascaping are WELCOME! Come to the party and catch up with the fellow aquarists of the world in Niigata, this fall!

※ The photos show the NA Party 2017.

Date / Venue

Oct 13 - 16, 2018
Niigata, JAPAN

October 13
1st section: ANA Crown Plaza Niigata, 3FL Convention Hall "HISHO"
2nd section: ANA Crown Plaza Niigata, 3FL Convention Hall "HISHO"

October 14
Aqua Design Amano Headquarters

October 15 and 16: As optional plans, several events exclusively for international guests such as a live layout making and sightseeing in Niigata will be held.

Event Contents

1st day: Saturday, October 13.
Nature Aquarium Party 2018

Venue: ANA Crown Plaza Niigata, 3FL Convention Hall "HISHO"
12:30 - Registration opens
13:30 - Ceremony starts

1st section
・Unveiling top works of IAPLC2018
・Commentary of judges on the top 7 works
・Awarding ceremony

2nd section
Venue: ANA Crown Plaza Niigata, 3FL Convention Hall "HISHO"
・Buffet party
・Present lottery etc...

ANA Crown Plaza Niigata, 3FL Convention Hall "HISHO"
*Please do not inquire them regarding the event’s contents

2nd day: Sunday October 14

Venue: ADA HQ

Event contents:
・Visiting 4-meter-long Nature Aquarium
・Nature Aquarium Gallery
・Briefing on ADA’s new products
・Limited products on sale
・Meal and beverage will be served

A free shuttle bus from hotel to ADA HQ is available.
Free shuttle bus connecting ADA HQ and other event venues will be available Free dismissal (Party ends: 15:00)
Shuttle buses to Minoya Hotel are available for guests who stay there on Oct 14.
Also, shuttle buses bound for Tsubame-sanjo station (3 buses),
Niigata Airport - Niigata station (1 bus) will be available from 12:50.

Basic plans

・One-day plan JPY 9,000 (tax incl.)
Saturday Oct 13, one day plan (participating party only)
Souvenir to participants will be given.
*This will not include the 2nd day at ADA headquarters

・Two-day plan JPY 14,000 (Tax incl.)
This plan includes Saturday Oct 13 to Sunday Oct 14 at ADA HQ.
Souvenir to participants will be given.

*Fees do not include accommodation fee on Oct 13. To find out fee and details, please check the registration site.
*Fees do not include transportation fee nor parking lot for the 1st day.
*Fees can be differed based on your plans after Oct 14. To find out fees and details, please check the registration site.

Lodging on Oct 13

Please choose accommodation from below on Oct 13 through the registration site.
ANA Crwon Plaza Hotel, Hotel Nikko Niigata, Hotel Okura, Italia Ken .
The shuttle buses from these 4 hotels to ADA HQ on Oct 14th will be available.
If you would like to stay on 12th (Fri), the day before Nature Aquarium Party, it is possible to book hotel through the registration site.

Lodging from Oct 14 to 16

Hotel will be "Minoya Hotel."
*We will try to accommodate your requests, but we cannot guarantee these requests will always be met, due to coverage and scheduling constraints.

Regarding transportation for guests who choose the  Two-day Plan

On October 13, please come directly to ANA Crown Plaza Niigata 3FL Convention Hall "HISHO." After the party, free shuttle bus to registered hotels will be available.

On October 14, shuttle bus from registered hotels to ADA HQ will be available. The exact close time of party on the 2nd day is not set up, but it is free dismissal according to your own plans. (Event at ADA HQ will be ended around 15:00) Free shuttle buses from ADA HQ to Niigata station, Tsubame Sanjo Station and Niigata Airport will be available. There is also one bounding for Minoya Hotel.

Regarding photos and filming

Please be noticed that media press may be involved during the events. Live stream on the internet might be taken place too.

How to register

Nature Aquarium Party 2018 - Application closed

Online Registration Deadline:

August 31st, 2018 18:00 (JST)

[IMPORTANT] Registration for Nature Aquarium Party 2018

*Application will be closed when it reaches the capacity. Advance reservation required.
*For Cancellation Policy, please follow cancellation policy of JTB Corp. For the detail, please check it when you register.
*In this Nature Aquarium Party 2018, JTB Corp. organizes lodging plan. Should you have any questions regarding lodging plans, please inquire them.
*If you have any questions about event contents of Nature Aquarium Party and following events, please contact us (online_support@adana.co.jp).