IAPLC 2019 Results



The International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest (IAPLC) Countries and Areas at the IAPLC

To All the IAPLC Participants and Aquascaping Enthusiasts:

The International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest (IAPLC) was initially launched in 2001 by Takashi Amano, and has been held annually for 19 years. Thanks to your support, the number of participants has grown steadily, and it is now the world’s largest contest for aquatic plant layouts.

The aim of the IAPLC, which has not changed since its conception, is to promote the aquascaping hobby on a global scale, and to encourage exchanges between fellow aquarists. Therefore, not only the number of participants but also the number of participating countries and areas is announced, and in addition to the names of participants, their country names or regional names are also presented when the results are published.

With regard to the names of participating countries and areas, in the past contests we acknowledged as many countries and areas as possible in accordance with commonly accepted opinions in Japan, where the IAPLC Steering Committee is located, and the countries declared by participants themselves. However, considering the present world affairs, and the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games upcoming next year in Japan, we have decided to recognize countries and areas as participating countries and areas primarily based on the list of countries taking part in the Olympics since this year’s contest. As the IAPLC organizer, we will continue to value individuality of participants with highest respect. Your understanding is much appreciated.

Takashi Amano wished that the aquascaping hobby could make a contribution to world peace, just like the Olympics, when he first started the contest. We sincerely hope that aquascaping enthusiasts will unite around the IAPLC and continue to cherish their friendships.

The IAPLC Steering Committee